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This is the home for all audio & video produced by Glenn Williams in his capacity as a host and producer both on Radio and the Internet.

The Radio Wammo Show was a breakfast programme broadcast on the Kiwi FM network owned by Mediaworks in NZ. It was on air from July 2006 until June 2012 when Glenn relocated to the UK.

It broke new ground in the ways that radio and new media/technology can be integrated –
• using webcams to film and stream the whole show live via a a Ustream player that can be embedded onto any website Facebook or anywhere else.
• live vision-mixing between presenters, guests, videos, web pages and images using the same audio as on the radio but offering a completely different experience.
• From there posting the interviews onto YouTube, usually within 10 minutes of finishing an interview.

Here’s a clip put together by Simon Pound on Oct 09′ for Media 7 on TVNZ 7 that explains what is going on here.


Glenn Williams is a radio and internet journalist, broadcaster and producer covering a wide range of issues and specialist topics with an emphasis on technology. Glenn specialises in broadcast innovation using new technology tools. As the Breakfast host at Canterbury’s RDU radio station from 2001-2006, he pioneered the use of consumer technology for outside broadcasts. He was the only broadcaster in New Zealand to bridge the gap between radio, television and the internet through smart use of technology – video-streaming his weekday Kiwi FM shows live to the web and archiving features and interviews on YouTube. In late 2010 Glenn co-launched ‘The Climate Show’ – an audio and video internet only show focusing on climate change news, science, policy and politics. Currently Glenn resides in the UK and files live reports back to Radio Live, the news and talk format station owned by Mediaworks NZ.


“One of the highlights for me was the interview with Glenn ‘Wammo’ Williams on Kiwi FM. Not only is Glenn a lovely bloke and a top-notch interviewer but he is also a genuine radio innovator. His studio is wired for multi-camera video as well as the usual audio – meaning that you can watch the video mix over a live stream while you listen.
I’m officially predicting that Glenn’s radio show is going to be an even bigger deal (on Kiwi FM or elsewhere) in the future.”

– David Haywood (Public Address)

“Best Tech on the radio”
– Scott Bartley (Editor PC World)

“I applaud Glenn for going out on a limb, taking some risks, who knows what happens in the next 12 months but I suspect he is on the edge of something big over there.”
– Ben Young (NZ Herald)

“the most tech credible show out there”
– Simon Pound (Media 7)


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