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Seeing as YouTube has introduced a nifty (although very basic) video editor I thought I’d give it a spin and do a weekly “highlights” or selection of clips from the week’s features. Here is this week’s result.


Biking enthusiast David Slack says there’s no need to look like douche while riding your bike to work. Check out the threads at Cycle Style Auckland Coming up on July 1st in Auckland.


David is loving the architect’s mock up and proposal for “Party Central” on Queens Wharf for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Will it last beyond the cup and what else is needed to make it work? Check out the pics. Also the Government is introducing a ban on using hand held cellphones in cars, but what are they missing? David Slack is a blogger at and head honcho over at

Listen/Download David Slack on Party Central


David suggests a wee move of the capital from Wellington to Blenheim could solve a problem or two and is worth extra reflection after the large quake at the bottom of the South Island. On the back of a recent speech by John Key, David says that more New Zealanders need to ask themselves: what could I be doing instead of this?. David Slack is a blogger at and head honcho over at

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After the Prime Minister left David gave his thoughts on Helen’s performance in this election as well as comparison’s to the recent US election campaign. Also discussed is how available the Prime Minister has been to the media over the last nine years. Would this change under a new government? David Slack is a blogger at

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The Prime Minister joined David Slack and myself for an extended live interview in the studio this morning

In the final 24 hours before New Zealander’s go to the polls Helen lays it down honest and as real as she possibly can. Away from the distraction of the trivial nature of television leaders debates we find a Prime Minister who is focused, determined and serious about putting a coalition together once the country has spoken. For an insight to what Helen Clark believes is important in this election have a listen.

Listen/Download Helen Clark 1 Day out

It gives me chills to think of the pointless waste of money spent on cheap costumes and plastic rubbish made in China every Halloween. So in the spirit of the day David dishes out sage advice for the trick or treaters and we get all giddy about the 30 minute Obama infomercial.

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The 30 minute infomercial

New Zealand CD and Record store Real Groovy Records has gone into receivership after a foreign exchange deal gone sour.

What went wrong? David looks at this terrible demise in the wider context of the world wide financial crisis including what the possible real effects will be for New Zealanders. If the worst happens how will we be changed on a daily basis? As always though David suggests a silver lining to the doom and gloom during the next great depression. David offers up one of the most insightful conversations about the current situation you are likely to hear… this week.

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David Slack offers some insight to what is really important when it comes to tactics in a political debate in relations to today’s matchup between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. Also with a glass half full mindset David puts a positive spin on the looming recession and suggests that queuing up at the soup kitchen may not be so bad after all.

David Slack blogs at keeps the recession at bay at

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