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Janine Young from New Scientist reports that for the first time a study is offering evidence that it may be possible to build a system to warn of some impending large earthquakes about an hour before they happen. However, the system may not be applicable to all earthquake zones.

Aerial Al takes has a look out the window.

Actor, Fisherman and Get Thru champion Peter Elliot talks about a new production called Thom Pain he is directing at the Herald Theatre in Auckland.

The weekend that was and the fashion week that will be.

The leader of the Labour Party looks at the Earthquake act and the Garrett controversy.

The Government’s Canterbury Earthquake Response and Recovery Bill passed into law last night. The Greens have raised concerns over the sweeping powers it gives ministers.

Aerial Al on his week after the quake and a potential positive spin off.

Despite some unhappy rumblings from Christchurch MP Lianne Dalziel, Phil Goff says that Labour is committed to a bipartisan approach to the Christchurch earthquake recovery.

Sam Hunt with a little something for the weekend and for the good people of Canterbury after last weekend’s massive earthquake.

We mull over rebuilding Christchurch after the Canterbury Earthquake and enjoy this lovely bottle of Amor Bendall 2010 Sauvignon Blanc.