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Phil Goff and the Labour party held its first OpenLabourNZ conference at the weekend, promising to improve transparency and ways the public can engage the Government. So what was discussed?


The Government announced yesterday it was ditching the planned Waterview tunnel in favour of a surface motorway. Phil Goff is outraged at the decision and says the Government has been using creative accounting to make the tunnel project look unaffordable.

The new project will probably require the demolition of almost 500 homes and will also destroy the existing green belt. Mr Goff says this move will not bode well for Melissa Lee who is trying to get elected in Mt Albert on the National ticket. Also discussed was Christine Rankin’s appointment to the Families Commission.

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Russell discusses the Government funded broadband plan promising 100 megabit speeds to most New Zealand homes in 6 to 10 years, double the time frame initially proposed during last year’s election campaign. Alot can happen and technology will change in that time so who will look after the old copper network which is already under strain while we wait for fibre to the home? Russell Brown is chief blogger at

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The Labour leader say that the party will be selecting a strong candidate to face off whoever National chooses to run in the soon to be vacated Mt Albert seat when Helen Clark takes up her new job at the United Nations. Mr Goff also answers the accusation from investigative journalist Ian Wishart that Helen and the Labour Government effectively bought Helen’s job at the UN through increased Aid donations over their term in power. Mr Goff  also reports that he has  just returned from a progressive solution summit in Chile.

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The announced lay-offs at TVNZ present some interesting questions about the future of the state owned broadcaster and its current direction and whether or not the Government should be accepting a dividend at this time. John Key’s choice of language in describing the situation has him sounding more like a company CEO than a Prime Minister. And Russell is excited about the release of iPhone 3.0. Russell Brown is chief blogger at

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What is the state of New Zealand fish stocks and how do we know which fish are ethical to consume? Norman run through some of the endangering and dodgy practises employed by the New Zealand and overseas fishing industry. Should a more capable New Zealand Air Force blow them out of the water?

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Back from Nevada where he was covering the US election, Te Radar ponders what bloggers, commentators and the Daily Show will talk about now that its all over. We also discuss Omega 3s and election night fear as callers ring in to Youthline and the police.

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The Prime Minister says she is still talking to indie media despite her rival John Key cutting weekly interviews with smaller media outlets in the lead up to the election.

The Government has announced it is guaranteeing all New Zealand bank deposits in order to keep confidence in the banking sector. Helen has also announced that she intends to bring forward infrastructure spending. Is this the ‘New Deal’ policies that Russel Norman from the Green Party was talking about last week? Helen also explains whether or not New Zealand can keep up its assistance programmes in these tough times.

Helen gives her thoughts on the the polls that are are swinging wildly and finally the PM reveals her New Zealand Music Awards highlight.

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Laptops seized and examined for illegal music and movies on the United States border could become a reality if the proposed Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) between New Zealand and the United States comes into effect.

ACTA could be included in a free trade agreement with the United States and New Zealand as part of talks to enforce each other’s intellectual-property laws, with residents of each country subject to criminal charges when violating the IP laws of another country. The Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America filed comments offering suggestions for the trade agreement.

To explain more on this is Computerworld journalist Grant Gross who is based in Washington DC

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The Government’s books are opening today and many are picking a lot of red numbers to show up, so what can a Labour Government do to protect New Zealand from the worst of the global financial crisis?

Helen Clark says policies that promote growth with a sustainable edge is the way forward. She also says National maybe over promising and under delivering on the tax cut package expected to be announced on Wednesday.

Meanwhile Peter Sharples of the Maori Party says Helen is tired and washed out, however the Prime Minister prefers to rely more on the kind words of Sharple’s co-leader and says Sharple’s mouth tends to run away on him.

Finally what is the greatest national security risk to New Zealand? Find out in today’s interview with the Prime Minister.

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