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The Green Party co=leader Russel Norman is concerned about whitebait stocks as the New Zealand fishing season kicks off.

The Green Party co-leader is keen to pass a law banning foreigners from buying more than five hectares of rural land.

The National Government has backed down on mining on schedule 4 land but says that it now has a “mandate” to go prospecting elsewhere. Isn’t all indigenous tree covered land precious in New Zealand?

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman says he likes the idea of removing GST on “healthy food” but there are some very convincing arguments against the idea.

Does the Green Party co-leader run the risk of being labeled the anti-Chinese politician? We discuss the Crafer Farm sale, boat people and John Key’s Chinese regret.

The co-leader of the Green Party gives his take on the Emissions Trading Scheme coming into force this week. How does New Zealand now rate as a nation trying to reverse the effects of climate change?

The Green Party co-leader says that despite recent setbacks in the local effort to be more mature about the our place in the world, we should still persist in trying to make New Zealand a better place to live. Actually I may have said that, but the sentiment is still there.

We talk about plastic bags and New World’s backward decision in removing the charge for them in the lower North Island. Also Gerry Brownlee is going prospecting on Department of Conservation land and the National Government has abandoned an effort to get more fuel efficient cars into New Zealand.

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The Green Party co-leader joins us from the Hutt River today where he is taking pictures of a pesky weir that is preventing native fish from swimming upstream. We ponder the wisdom of raising GST or introducing a capital gains tax, before leaving Russel to take a dip in the river.

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Federated Farmers president Don Nicolson has come out on the attack against the Greens co-leader Russel Norman for the “most bizarre notion” that climate variation was new “that it is unique, unparalleled and frightening”. Russel casts this attack aside and gets his teeth into policy and the tough task of making sense of Carbon.

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Streaming full episodes of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show has been disabled in certain countries outside of the United States at the request of local content licensees including New Zealand. But who has made the request, C4 or Sky TV? Russell challenges the Green’s assertion the Mt Albert Labour candidate David Shearer is right wing and this week on Media 7 Russell is asking if the Banks are the bad guys. Russell Brown is chief blogger at

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