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“Waiheke Island is almost its own country. It’s almost like a Greenpeace retirement village”

Suzanne Raes is the maker of this documentary that examines the life of the ill fated Rainbow Warrior and members of her crew that now reside on an island in the Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand. It’s screening at the New Zealand International Film Festival.


The New Zealand delegation at UN climate talks in Bonn is embarrassing the country by outing us as laggards according to Greenpeace New Zealand’s Political Adviser in Bonn, Geoff Keey.

Unlike all other countries at the talks, apart from Russia and the Ukraine, New Zealand is refusing to put forward a proposed national emission reduction target. Geoff says New Zealand’s proposed stabilisation goal was no more than 450ppm.  A couple of years ago, that might have seemed reasonable, but the most recent science indicates that 450ppm is way too high, is likely to push the world above two degrees warming, and could trigger catastrophic climate change.

Listen/Download Geoff Keey on NZ at the Bonn Climate talks