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The Auckland Harbour Bridge recently turned 50 and most now take the crossing over the Waitemata for granted. But many New Zealanders are unaware of the remarkable stories associated with the bridge. Author Renee Lang has compiled these stories in to a new book called Auckland Harbour Bridge: 50 Years of a City Icon.

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Its call sign was Fernleaf Cairo, and between 1939 and 1946, around 76,000 Kiwis of the Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force passed through Maadi Camp. Around 17 kilometres south of Cairo, the camp appeared almost overnight, as this country’s permanent overseas base during World War Two. Alex Hedley travelled there and his findings along with memories from Returned Servicemen, photos and letters are contained within Fernleaf Cairo.

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Dan Henry is the director of a documentary about the New Zealanders who travelled the sand dunes of the Sahara 70 years ago fighting the Axis forces.  The Long Range Desert Group was an elite force, expert in navigation, desert warfare and survival. As the war in North Africa intensified, the British knew the only way to make headway was to come at the enemy from the last place it would expect – the uncharted desert to the South. Dan and his team followed the same journey as the brave men of the LRDG.

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