off the wireless

Gen Y is bombarded with more information and communication than any previous generation. Is it taking a toll on their state of mind?

A new advertising campaign by the New Zealand Transport Agency is hoping to convince young men who like to drive fast that slowing down is part of being a man in control.

Influencing cynical young minds is not easy, but new research from the US suggests young people may be more trusting of advertising and marketing than older people.

Some say not enough is being done to keep the Maori Language alive. So what can Generation Y do?

With police carrying out 2500 school visits each year, would their efforts be better focused online?

A new survey reveals more than half of Kiwi workers would love to turn back the clock and choose a different line of work. Will members of Gen Y be feeling the same – further down the track?

Retirement is a horrible word – especially if you’re in your 20s or 30s… But are Gen Ys preparing themselves for a cushy retirement, or a cash-strapped retirement?

It’s one of our hottest industries, so why is the technology sector failing to attract creative young minds?

Jehan Casinader wonders what a recent Gillette survey about male grooming habits is actually trying to tell us.

Gen Y are doing it their own way in the workplace, shaping a new kind of office environment, work style and work life.