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Miss Universe has been all over the media in recent weeks, and the public’s interest in beauty pageants still seems to be high. But there’s a heap of negative press attention too. Have beauty pageants passed their use-by date?

Jehan Casinader on the study that found older people preferred negative stories about younger folks.

Many teachers want their students to learn how to deal with real-life situations – but where is the line between fiction and reality?

Youth suicide is in the headlines again – this time because a coroner has spoken out, calling for more discussion of suicide in the media. But will it help or hinder the cause? Jehan Casinader with more:

Politicians have been harping on about the brain drain for many years, but we haven’t managed to stem it. Is it a lost cause, or do we need to work harder to prevent young Kiwis from hopping offshore?

Health experts reckon young people’s time in front of TV and computer screens is having a catastrophic impact on their futures. Is their theory fact or fiction?

It’s one of the most contentious health issues in New Zealand. Now, there’s some good news about youth smoking. But why have young people’s attitudes changed? And will they stay that way? Jehan Casinader takes a look.

Last week, more than 120 high school students gathered in Wellington for Youth Parliament. But it’s often complained that today’s young people have little or no idea about how our political system works. Do we need to put the spotlight on democracy?

The PM’s chief science advisor reckons our obsession with celebrities is harming young people. Is he right?

For many years, tertiary students have been required by law to be members of students associations at their universities. Those associations have, at times, been accused of misusing students’ levies, allocating money inefficiently, and failing to represent students’ interests. Now, there is a bill before Parliament to end compulsory student membership. If the law is passed, it could spell the end for student unions, which will suffer from a lack of funds. Will students be better or worse off? Jehan Casinader is a Wellington-based journalist and youth affairs commentator.

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