off the wireless

Public Address blogger Keith Ng on National’s plan to sell New Zealand’s power assets.

Phil Goff talks about the latest poll that puts Labour a distant second to National plus the Wikileaks cables that show New Zealand and the US had resumed intelligence sharing last year.

Phil Goff says John Key should have had a little more dignity in front of Hilary Clinton and…. Wellington Sux. Oh yes we also discuss food labelling and more.

Vincent Heeringa explains why both the left and right on the political spectrum may be upset by the deal struck between the Government and Warners.

Russell Brown commentates on the possibility of New Zealand’s employment law being tweaked to Warner’s advantage for the Hobbit film project.

The Green Party co-leader talks about what the local body election results mean for local transport options & what John Key is thinking for the MMP referendum next year.

The Labour party leader on John Key’s broken promise not to raise GST and the on going Chris Carter problem.

John Key looks to being getting cozy with the new Australian PM in setting up a refugee detention center in East Timor & Russell takes a look at the Film Commission report.

Te Radar has a medley of issues today including so called knife crime, a drug submarine, John Key’s Taser, bank robbers & Wikipedia goes off line