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Despite a new government in New Zealand the right-wing blogs are still moaning post election. Russell wonders how much influence ACT is having in negotiations to form the National government this week and why Rodney Hide has been able to get away with being so bullish towards John Key. This and a whole lot more in today’s chat. Russell Brown is chief blogger at

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The new government will be reducing our environmental progress while Obama is stepping the US up.

So what does the National and Act coalition mean for the environment and the Emmisions Trading Scheme? Is the real loser in this year’s election the environment?

Vincent Heeringa from Idealog Magazine explains

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Prime Minister Helen Clark has said she will “play opposition” to what John Key stands for “to the grave”

When asked if she was prepared to face John Key and National from the opposition benches Miss Clark was optimistic that a Labour-Green ticket will win this week’s election.

Helen also clarified that the recently announced Redundancy policy will become a permanent component to the social welfare system.

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Could the Maori Party still go with National? Even with so many political polls coming out on almost a daily basis now its hard to get a clear picture of what the current trends are in New Zealand politics. Russell points us to a couple of useful aggregate polls including one at the Standard. Yet again Winston Peters is in the firing line but is the latest issue serious enough? And with one week to go before the US election can we call it this early?

Russell Brown is chief blogger at

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Prime Minister Helen Clark doubts the truth in figures out today that say National plan to spend more than Labour on Infrastructure initiatives if they win the election on November the 8th

Helen is hoping a spend up on public works will offset the negative effects of an economic downturn. At the same time the downturn is helping those trying to get into a first home.

Despite the benefits of having many coalition partners Helen says the official strategy for a Labour led government is two ticks for Labour.

Is she expecting a television attack ad? Find out…

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Russell gives up his thoughts on the TV One YouTube Debate and the form of Helen Clark and John Key in the first few few days of the election campaign. The Maori party also get a look in with their attention seeking welfare policy release.

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Greens co-leader Russel Norman reports from the campaign trail and slams both Labour and National for climate change policies that make New Zealand a lagger rather than leader or even fast follower.

He agrees with John Key’s points on Labour’s poor climate change track record in the TV One YouTube debate but then slams National’s policies as even worse for the environment.

Russel also makes some sense of the shower head issue, universal student allowances and reveals that the Greens will say who they are prepared to go into a coalition with next week.

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The Prime Minister says she is still talking to indie media despite her rival John Key cutting weekly interviews with smaller media outlets in the lead up to the election.

The Government has announced it is guaranteeing all New Zealand bank deposits in order to keep confidence in the banking sector. Helen has also announced that she intends to bring forward infrastructure spending. Is this the ‘New Deal’ policies that Russel Norman from the Green Party was talking about last week? Helen also explains whether or not New Zealand can keep up its assistance programmes in these tough times.

Helen gives her thoughts on the the polls that are are swinging wildly and finally the PM reveals her New Zealand Music Awards highlight.

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Russell Brown ponders Sarah Palin’s performance in recent prime time television interviews and assesses her potential in this weeks vice-presidential debate against Joe Biden. Can comparisons be drawn to the political debates between John Key and Helen Clark and does it matter if the other smaller parties are not there?

Russell Brown is chief blogger at

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Fresh from feeling chuffed about having a photo with Hollie Smith, John Key suggests the big question for the election campaign might be “what is the name of his family cat?”.

In today’s interview John rejects the suggestion that it was Helen Clark’s idea to hold only head to head debates on television and leave out the smaller parties. He also says that he does not need to be on the same stage as Winston Peters for New Zealanders to know that a deal between the two parties is off the cards. Will he look Helen Clark in the eye during the debates?

John is also determined to have a referendum on MMP by 2011 and personally believes New Zealanders will choose to keep some kind of proportional representation system.

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