off the wireless

In this episode we review ‘Winamp’ – the classic windows media player makes it’s way to Android, ‘Xbox Live’ on Windows Phone 7, and ‘5-0 Radio’ brings the police/fire/emergency radio scanner to the the iPhone/iPod touch.

In this episode we review ‘WTFSIMFD or What the Fuck Should I Make For Dinner’ – A helpful wee app that suggests menu options on Android, an introductory look at the whole Windows Phone 7 operating system, and ‘The Channer’ is an app that brings TV from all round the world to the iPhone/iPod touch.

Mike Hodgson and Paddy Free mash up sound and visuals live on Kiwi FM and Sunrise for a special 31 Bands in a Box performance. Pitch Black have just released a new remix CD called Rhythm, Sound & Movement. 

Listen/Download Pitch Black play live



A very serious composition that collates the weeks headlines & current events as performed on the ukulele every Friday morning on Kiwi FM. In 3 minutes you will be completely up to speed with with everything important that’s going on in the world. No need to waste time sifting through papers & watching sensationalist TV news, let me do the hard yards for you! There should be enough here to fully fake an impression of knowledge.

Listen/Download Lindon Puffin’s week that was 24th April ’09

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After a 13 hour flight Paul Smith aka The Twitch Hiker touched down before dawn in Auckland City. MsBehaviour of spirited him straight to the Kiwi FM studio for a coffee and a chat.

His aim is to travel as far from his home (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) as possible within 30 days. That means getting to Campbell Island, or as close to it as he can. Paul talks about his travels so far, how the idea came together, the people he has met, the problems he has encountered and his prospects for making his way around New Zealand.

Listen/Download The Twitchhiker


Don is back with the new album ‘Marvellous Year’ and this time he’s got a band called ‘The Seven Sisters’.

The new songs have a real energy, atmosphere and depth and Don’s songwriting and abilities is now stronger than ever. The last year has been keeping him very busy. He has composed, supervised and recorded two soundtrack albums; the Toa Fraser directed Dean Spanley (Recorded by New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and featuring Peter O’Toole, Sam Neill and others) and the Anthony McCarten directed Show of Hands.

Don McGlashan explains how these projects came together and performs live in the Kiwi FM studio.

Listen/Download Don McGlashan performing live

Anna Coddington is one of New Zealand’s foremost heroines of independent pop music, as is clearly evident on her debut, self-produced album “The Lake”, due for release in June 2008. Coddington has been quietly kicking around New Zealand’s music scene for some time now. You may have heard her singing in the background of some well known tunes by artists like Bic Runga, Anika Moa, SJD, Dimmer and more, or in the foreground of a handful of casually released pop gems by her bands Handsome Geoffery and Duchess.

In this live session recorded for the Radio Wammo show on Kiwi FM Anna plays three tracks called Never Change, Hold You Here and What a Shame off her debut album The Lake.


Video of Kiwi FM studio acoustic performance