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Here’s a Phil Goff double header to end the year. Discussing everything, EVERYTHING.

The leader of the Labour Party Phil Goff was in a regenerated mood this morning after the weekend’s Labour Party conference. What are the details of the foreign land sale policy and how will the economic benefit to New Zealand be measured in sales to foreigners that are approved?

The leader of the Labour Party looks at the Earthquake act and the Garrett controversy.

Phil Goff and the Labour party held its first OpenLabourNZ conference at the weekend, promising to improve transparency and ways the public can engage the Government. So what was discussed?

A wee review of the Australian election and then a look at the 90-day bill which comes into law this week.

Labour leader Phil Goff says changing New Zealand’s alcohol laws will start reducing alcohol harm on society.

Phil Goff looks back at his tough week but says New Zealand has it tougher at the moment with some bad economic stats. We also discuss New Zealand’s involvement in Afghanistan, is it the modern day Vietnam?

On the back of an earlier chat with Adrian Grenier we ponder Phil Goff’s greatest fear when he’s having his photo taken with members of the public. Plus the new Labour Laws, Phil has the fear with them as well.

The Labour leader gives his 2 cents on the Rugby World Cup party shambles and also the role New Zealand shouldn’t be playing in dealing with asylum seekers.

The Labour Party leader wonders if making it unlawful for adults to give alcohol to young people without their parents’ consent will actually have the desired effect. Also how many Kiwi’s should we swap for a Giant Panda?