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The Things You Need To Know For 2014 is a radio show I produced, hosted and edited in London. It aired on the Radio Live talk network in New Zealand between the 6th of January 2014 and the 21st of January 2014. The show covers everything from geopolitics, science and music to technology, media and television. Below you’ll find all five shows.

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Dr Kevin Moore from Lincoln University says New Zealanders resident overseas, and past visitors to New Zealand, are active in broadly shaping tourists’ itineraries within New Zealand.

A report called, “Yield-Relevant Tourist Decision-Making”, makes clear that New Zealanders have a “real role” in not only encouraging people to come to New Zealand but also in providing everything from general advice about where to go and what to do, through to making the bookings and even travelling with visitors while they are here. The research also notes the increasing significance of social networking evident in tourism.

Listen/Download Dr. Kevin Moore on Tourist decision making


It’s all swine all of the time. So how have the media treated the hottest story since the economy? Has the coverage been hyped or is it just right? With cases now confirmed in New Zealand has the Government response been adequate? So many questions but Russell has the er… bacon. Russell Brown is chief blogger at

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Its call sign was Fernleaf Cairo, and between 1939 and 1946, around 76,000 Kiwis of the Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force passed through Maadi Camp. Around 17 kilometres south of Cairo, the camp appeared almost overnight, as this country’s permanent overseas base during World War Two. Alex Hedley travelled there and his findings along with memories from Returned Servicemen, photos and letters are contained within Fernleaf Cairo.

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Te Radar muses from the Gisborne departure lounge about the political situation in Fiji. In particular Bainimarama’s white dress military uniform that must be awfully difficult to keep clean at state dinners. Also a chap who planned to row around Antarctica has given up before he reached Stewart Island. Plus we discuss the merits of Lego.

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The New Zealand delegation at UN climate talks in Bonn is embarrassing the country by outing us as laggards according to Greenpeace New Zealand’s Political Adviser in Bonn, Geoff Keey.

Unlike all other countries at the talks, apart from Russia and the Ukraine, New Zealand is refusing to put forward a proposed national emission reduction target. Geoff says New Zealand’s proposed stabilisation goal was no more than 450ppm.  A couple of years ago, that might have seemed reasonable, but the most recent science indicates that 450ppm is way too high, is likely to push the world above two degrees warming, and could trigger catastrophic climate change.

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Tech correspondent Paul Brislen fires some tweet shots over the bow of mainstream media and some of the shallow reporting into twitter and it’s tweeters. Also TVNZ has confirmed it is bringing TIVO to New Zealand so how will this new (old) technology change the way New Zealanders watch the box? Paul Brislen loves technology – find him at his blog

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MsBehaviour wraps up the past week’s twitterisation of New Zealand with the arrival of the next messiah @twitchhiker.

MsB talks about the power of the medium, the implications for corporate PR, twitter fatigue, celebrity tweets and news making twats. More including a video of The Twitchiker arriving is over at

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The Green Party Co-leader says the Government should not expect a dividend from TVNZ at a time when they are making 90 employees redundant.

Russel is also concerned that Bill English is looking into reviewing and relaxing the criteria for overseas investment into New Zealand, will it mean more competition for housing stock and land ownership? And the Warehouse has announced it is introducing a 10 cent charge for its plastic bags.

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Initiatives to get more people into tertiary education and Pacific Island Community involvement were other missed opportunities at the recently held Jobs Summit. Vincent argues that New Zealand needs a skilled workforce to emerge on the other side of the current recession. John Key’s talk in the Wallstreet Journal about productivity growth has Vincent feeling more positive. Vincent Heeringa is the editorial director at Idealog.

Listen/Download Vincent Heeringa on more missed opportunities