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Barnaby Weir has today announced a new Fly My Pretties show will tour Christchurch, Dunedin, Auckland and Wellington through May and June 2009. Fly My Pretties is a live multimedia event starring a selection of our finest contemporary musicians, set to a stunning visual backdrop and filmed and recorded live.

Listen/Download Barnaby Weir announcing a new Fly My Pretties


New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully has stated that New Zealand’s aid should change from ‘poverty elimination’ to a broader focus on economic development.

McCully also wants New Zealand’s aid agency NZAID to lose its status as a semi-autonomous body. A website has been set up that question the Government’s motives. Green Party Overseas Development Assistance Spokesperson Dr Kennedy Graham says Murray McCully needs to tell the public just what will qualify as New Zealand Aid (NZAID) under his leadership.

Listen/Download Dr Kennedy Graham on NZAID


James Milne aka Lawrence Arabia has had a tour with Feist and now a new album under belt. It’s called Chant Darling and packed full of songs written mostly while Mr Arabia was living in the UK over the past couple of years. James talks about tours, Bedouins, music videos and what exactly is wrong with New Zealand, oh and he plays live.

Listen/Download Lawrence Arabia playing live


The recent John Key sponsored Job Summit that took place in Auckland seemed to come up with few ideas. A cycle way the length of New Zealand was one and a nine day working fortnight was another. Vincent Heeringa argues that the Government is missing some important opportunities in the areas of new industry, innovation and sustainability. Vincent Heeringa is the editorial director at Idealog.

Listen/Download Vincent Heeringa on the Jobs Summit


Dram Fest is the only serious dedicated whisky festival in New Zealand and takes place in Christchurch over the weekend of the 27th February 2009.

Michael Milne from Dram Fest and Whisky Galore explains why there is a great interest now more than ever in whisky and why people are keen to learn more. He also explains some of the basics involved in whisky making  and why appreciation is a very individualistic.

Listen/Download Michael Milne on the Dram Fest


Paul Brislen explains where negotiations are at between the parties responsible for getting a code of practice together that will interpret Section 92A of the Copyright Bill. Will a code be created in time before the law is implemented? And as always Paul gives his 2 cents on the madness that is the blackout. Paul Brislen loves technology – find him at his blog

Listen/Download Paul Brislen on the blackout

Leo Laporte

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Tech broadcaster Leo Laporte weighs into the Section 92a Copyright debate with some of the reasons why he is so concerned for New Zealand and other jurisdictions who may introduce overly onerous Copyright laws.

Along with high profile Tech commentators Stephen Fry and Cory Doctorow, Leo Laporte has blacked out his social media profile pics. Leo can be found netcasting at TWIT.TV. This interview was also broadcast on the Twit Live Network, you can find a downloadable video of this interview at OD.TV.

Listen/Download Leo Laporte on the #blackout


MsBehaviour gives a roundup of all the action on and off the web during the Blackout protest against S92A of the Copyright Act in New Zealand. She reports that from small beginning’s at Kiwi Foo Camp the Blackout campaign has reached the far corners of the internet in less than 48 hours. All the show notes are up at

Listen/Download MsBehaviour on Blackout progress


Internet users worldwide have been changing their profile pictures on various social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook and MySpace to a plain black picture as a mark of their protest against a New Zealand law will give authorities power to cut internet connections.

High profile tweeters including Stephen Fry and Leo Laporte have joined the campaign. Geekzone’s Juha Saarinen explains why so many people in New Zealand and around the world are so angry about this legislation.

Listen/Download Juha Saarinen on the #blackout

What is the state of New Zealand fish stocks and how do we know which fish are ethical to consume? Norman run through some of the endangering and dodgy practises employed by the New Zealand and overseas fishing industry. Should a more capable New Zealand Air Force blow them out of the water?

Listen/Download Russel Norman on Fishy Business