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Russell reports that John Key has agreed to adopt Rodney Hide’s New Zealand Taxpayers Bill of Rights Bill as a government Bill – “with the aim of passing into law a cap on the growth of core Crown expenses.” What does this mean? Also the stuff we may have missed in Afghanistan. Russell Brown is chief blogger at

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The National party cabinet is shaping up and coalition agreements are being set in stone, giving us a better idea of where policy is headed, in particular investment in broadband infrastructure. How will new policies and investment in new technologies affect the creative economy? Vincent ponders this and more.

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Despite a new government in New Zealand the right-wing blogs are still moaning post election. Russell wonders how much influence ACT is having in negotiations to form the National government this week and why Rodney Hide has been able to get away with being so bullish towards John Key. This and a whole lot more in today’s chat. Russell Brown is chief blogger at

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Could the Maori Party still go with National? Even with so many political polls coming out on almost a daily basis now its hard to get a clear picture of what the current trends are in New Zealand politics. Russell points us to a couple of useful aggregate polls including one at the Standard. Yet again Winston Peters is in the firing line but is the latest issue serious enough? And with one week to go before the US election can we call it this early?

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The Prime Minister says she is still talking to indie media despite her rival John Key cutting weekly interviews with smaller media outlets in the lead up to the election.

The Government has announced it is guaranteeing all New Zealand bank deposits in order to keep confidence in the banking sector. Helen has also announced that she intends to bring forward infrastructure spending. Is this the ‘New Deal’ policies that Russel Norman from the Green Party was talking about last week? Helen also explains whether or not New Zealand can keep up its assistance programmes in these tough times.

Helen gives her thoughts on the the polls that are are swinging wildly and finally the PM reveals her New Zealand Music Awards highlight.

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The Government’s books are opening today and many are picking a lot of red numbers to show up, so what can a Labour Government do to protect New Zealand from the worst of the global financial crisis?

Helen Clark says policies that promote growth with a sustainable edge is the way forward. She also says National maybe over promising and under delivering on the tax cut package expected to be announced on Wednesday.

Meanwhile Peter Sharples of the Maori Party says Helen is tired and washed out, however the Prime Minister prefers to rely more on the kind words of Sharple’s co-leader and says Sharple’s mouth tends to run away on him.

Finally what is the greatest national security risk to New Zealand? Find out in today’s interview with the Prime Minister.

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Russell Brown ponders Sarah Palin’s performance in recent prime time television interviews and assesses her potential in this weeks vice-presidential debate against Joe Biden. Can comparisons be drawn to the political debates between John Key and Helen Clark and does it matter if the other smaller parties are not there?

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Fresh from feeling chuffed about having a photo with Hollie Smith, John Key suggests the big question for the election campaign might be “what is the name of his family cat?”.

In today’s interview John rejects the suggestion that it was Helen Clark’s idea to hold only head to head debates on television and leave out the smaller parties. He also says that he does not need to be on the same stage as Winston Peters for New Zealanders to know that a deal between the two parties is off the cards. Will he look Helen Clark in the eye during the debates?

John is also determined to have a referendum on MMP by 2011 and personally believes New Zealanders will choose to keep some kind of proportional representation system.

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