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The Prime Minister is looking at trading a few Kiwi for a couple of Chinese Giant Pandas. How many Kiwi’s for a Panda though?

russel_norman_75The Green Party co-leader talks corruption, politician smacks, living allowance perks and bags not using plastic bags.

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Labour leader Phil Goff reflects on what went wrong with a terrible week that saw what could have been popular messages turn into blunders.

Goff blames National’s spin machine for sending the media off message when he floated the idea that workers sacked during the recession should get the dole and the unemployed man who was supposed to be the poster boy for Labour’s dole plan backfired. Goff does concede that the delivery of last week’s message could have been better and there are lessons to be learnt.

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The opposition leader is having a tough time getting noticed and recognised as the new leader of the Labour Party and as a viable option for Prime Minister.

In a TV3 poll Phil Goff rated below Helen Clark as preferred PM. So what is he going to do to lift his ratings? The Labour campaign for the Mt Albert seat has begun in earnest but there is currently no candidate. And did the Labour Government do enough to protect New Zealand against the Swine?

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The Green Party have announced a memorandum of understanding with the National Party Government that says they will work together on a number of initiatives. Who benefits from this new relationship? The Green Party co-leader also explains why they are standing a candidate in the forthcoming Mt Albert by-election.

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The New Zealand delegation at UN climate talks in Bonn is embarrassing the country by outing us as laggards according to Greenpeace New Zealand’s Political Adviser in Bonn, Geoff Keey.

Unlike all other countries at the talks, apart from Russia and the Ukraine, New Zealand is refusing to put forward a proposed national emission reduction target. Geoff says New Zealand’s proposed stabilisation goal was no more than 450ppm.  A couple of years ago, that might have seemed reasonable, but the most recent science indicates that 450ppm is way too high, is likely to push the world above two degrees warming, and could trigger catastrophic climate change.

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The Green party co-leader says tax cuts now and in 2010 and 2011 look to be irresponsible in the current economic climate and don’t actually benefit those who need them most.

Russel says National’s broadband plan is a step in the right direction but proof will be in the detail. Russel also discussed live sheep exports, New Zealand native plants on the verge of extinction and a plan to get John Key digging in the garden.

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The Labour leader say that the party will be selecting a strong candidate to face off whoever National chooses to run in the soon to be vacated Mt Albert seat when Helen Clark takes up her new job at the United Nations. Mr Goff also answers the accusation from investigative journalist Ian Wishart that Helen and the Labour Government effectively bought Helen’s job at the UN through increased Aid donations over their term in power. Mr Goff  also reports that he has  just returned from a progressive solution summit in Chile.

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The Green Party Co-leader says the Government should not expect a dividend from TVNZ at a time when they are making 90 employees redundant.

Russel is also concerned that Bill English is looking into reviewing and relaxing the criteria for overseas investment into New Zealand, will it mean more competition for housing stock and land ownership? And the Warehouse has announced it is introducing a 10 cent charge for its plastic bags.

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Green Party co-leader Russel Norman faces uncertainty at the top after Jeanette Fitzsimmons has announced she is stepping aside.

Sue Bradford and Metiria Turei have both thrown their talking sticks into the ring, but are they suitable? Russel also ponders whether or not the Government has gone far enough in delaying section 92A of the Copyright Act for another month.

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