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New film reviewer Lina Lamont looks at ‘Monsters’ (not a cartoon) and the new Nania flick ‘Voyage Of The Dawn Treader’.

The latest in the Fable series is out. Does it build on the success of the previous games or is it resting on it’s laurels? Gerard Campbell takes a look.

Paul Brislen and I take a look at the new Windows Phone 7 operating system on the new HTC Trophy 7.

John Henderson reviews the new film ‘Farewell’. The French intelligence service alerts the U.S. about a Soviet spy operation during the height of the Cold War, which sets off an unfortunate chain of events….

The biggest game of 2010 drops today and Gerard Campbell has already spent some time battling the Covenant in Halo: Reach. So what’s the verdict?

In this episode we review ‘Unified Remote’ – for Android, turns your phone into a remote control for your computer, ‘Skype’ – for Nokia Symbian, put the desktop VOIP app onto your phone, ‘Engadget’ reviews tech devices with articles and videos iPhone/iPod Touch.

In this episode we review ‘Trip It’ – for Android, organises travel you itinerary onto the phone so that you don’t need to carry paper documents, ‘Vlingo’ – for Nokia Symbian, is an application that turns your words into action, ‘World Clock’ lets you know what time it is anywhere on the iPhone/iPod Touch.

John Henderson reviews this new documentary about entertainer Joan Rivers and finds it far from flattering!

Mafia II hits the shelves this week so Gerard and I gave the demo a good going over. Does this game add anything to the genre?

In this episode we review ‘Chrome to Phone’ – for Android, that enables users to send links from their Chrome desktop browser to their Android device, ‘Qik’ – for Nokia Symbian, streams video to the web straight from your phone – ‘Cheese Matters’ matched cheese with wine and other food on the iPhone/iPod Touch.