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Chelfyn from TheG33kShow has a roundup of innovative an interesting uses for the Xbox 360 Kinect.

Chelfyn from The G33kshow rounds up some amazing and freaky advancements in Robotics.

Seeing as YouTube has introduced a nifty (although very basic) video editor I thought I’d give it a spin and do a weekly “highlights” or selection of clips from the week’s features. Here is this week’s result.


At the Survive and Thrive forum taking place in Auckland next week, MsBehaviour from The G33kShow will be presenting a workshop on how to work a whole lot smarter , not harder. Here’s a wee preview of that talk.


MsBehaviour talk about the evolution of online communities or as they are know these days ‘social networks’. The form these networks have taken has changed over the years in much the same way as the web has evolved and changed but the purpose of these networks has remained the same. An example is which has gone through a very recent transition. Check out more audio and video over at

Listen/Download MsBehaviour on Community


Chelfyn has created a neat little “see tune, hear tune” search hack by Chelfyn using Firefox, Diigo & Fizy to find almost any tune you read about instantly. Just highlight, search, click and the song is playing within seconds. Check out the wee instructional video over at

Listen/Download Chelfyn on the music search hack


MsBehaviour wraps up the past week’s twitterisation of New Zealand with the arrival of the next messiah @twitchhiker.

MsB talks about the power of the medium, the implications for corporate PR, twitter fatigue, celebrity tweets and news making twats. More including a video of The Twitchiker arriving is over at

Listen/Download MsBehaviour on Total Tweeters


After a 13 hour flight Paul Smith aka The Twitch Hiker touched down before dawn in Auckland City. MsBehaviour of spirited him straight to the Kiwi FM studio for a coffee and a chat.

His aim is to travel as far from his home (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) as possible within 30 days. That means getting to Campbell Island, or as close to it as he can. Paul talks about his travels so far, how the idea came together, the people he has met, the problems he has encountered and his prospects for making his way around New Zealand.

Listen/Download The Twitchhiker


MsBehaviour from says that artists across the world are taking their careers into their own hands, opting out of the ‘All Rights Reserved’ way of thinking, and publishing under Creative Commons (CC) licenses, to encourage mashups and remixes of their work. But what is it and how does it work? All the show notes are over at The Big Idea.

Listen/Download MsBehaviour on Creative Commons