off the wireless

Goat farmer, ex air force pilot and current consultant advertising creative director Vaughn Davis dropped by to chat about his latest project: Tweet This Book!

With police carrying out 2500 school visits each year, would their efforts be better focused online?

It’s been a Facebook week for many reasons.

Twitter is evolving it’s home page in the next few weeks and the New Zealand Government says it will switch off analogue television in 2013.

In an age where digital footprints of our lives are left every time we log on to our favourite social networking site, how can we truly disappear if we really needed to? Frank Ahearn makes a living helping individuals erase their old lives.

An offensive edition of Paul Brislen‘s tech week featuring a Twitter Twit, a Red Head, the iPhone 4 and the old Spice Guy.

It’s no secret social networking tools like Facebook are transforming our lives and relationships, but who would have thought these tools are altering our influence over others, increasing chances of professional success and making us happier? Plus pharmaceutical companies are developing ways to authenticate the drugs inside the packaging, enabling counterfeit drugs to be identified. Janine Young reports every week from New Scientist magazine.


Lots of Facebook news this week with their purchase of real time social network engine FriendFeed.

They also plan on introducing a “Lite” version that strips out the clutter that has been introduced over the few years. Will these changes bring on FaceFeed Armageddon and kill Twitter? We also go over the new law against cell phone use in cars. Paul Brislen loves technology – find him at his blog and on Twitter.

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