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Tweet This Book author Vaugn Davis takes a look at the latest celebrity endorsements in advertising, the new TVNZ channel called TVNZ u, a new drug called 2C-P everyone is trying and the super sized Starbucks cup.

Paul Brislen looks back at Vodafone’s effort to keep the mobile phone network operational during Canterbury’s Earthquake. Plus a look at this week’s Crown Fibre announcement.

Paul Brislen talks about the Facebook geo-location announcement ‘Places’, the Wikileaks time bomb and Vodafone going naked.

After a wee rant about Telecom, Paul informs us that the world we live in and thought we were sure about is not in fact ready to be understood. Also file shearers are under attack in the UK with another piece of draconian legislation and Microsoft are accused of erasing a black man from the boardroom. Paul Brislen loves technology – find him at his blog and on Twitter.

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Our technology correspondent and Vodafone spokesperson has a go at Telecom for their handling of the interference to Vodafone’s 3G service from the new Telecom XT mobile network. Paul says possible cost and corner cutting at Telecom could be reasons behind Telecom not installing filters on their equipment to prevent the interference. Paul Brislen loves technology – find him at his blog

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Paul Brislen explains where negotiations are at between the parties responsible for getting a code of practice together that will interpret Section 92A of the Copyright Bill. Will a code be created in time before the law is implemented? And as always Paul gives his 2 cents on the madness that is the blackout. Paul Brislen loves technology – find him at his blog

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Russell gives his view on the US election which has taken a sordid and vicious turn with racist taunts reportedly thrown at a black cameraman working at one of Sarah Palin’s campaign addresses. The Media 7 show tonight focuses on Fonterra farm dirty steams and Russell reports on the panel discussion. Finally its the Vodafone NZ Music Awards tonight, Russell is looking forward to a night out and I will be broadcasting live and twittering “behind the curtain”

Russell Brown is chief blogger at

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