off the wireless

Here’s a Phil Goff double header to end the year. Discussing everything, EVERYTHING.

Phil Goff talks about the latest poll that puts Labour a distant second to National plus the Wikileaks cables that show New Zealand and the US had resumed intelligence sharing last year.

A roundup of the week’s events over a bottle of Morton Methode Traditionnelle with Jayson Bryant.

Paul Brislen looks at the top tech story of the week. The online war being waged by Wikileaks supporters.

Paul Brislen’s take on the latest wikileaks and what it means for privacy.

Te Radar with the top issues of the day including the latest WikiLeaks.

The leader of the Labour Party on Pike, North Korea and Wikileaks.

Paul Brislen talks about the Facebook geo-location announcement ‘Places’, the Wikileaks time bomb and Vodafone going naked.

Russell Brown with his take on what’s been leaked on the war in Afghanistan plus his first impressions on the iPad.