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Jehan Casinader on the study that found older people preferred negative stories about younger folks.

Youth suicide is in the headlines again – this time because a coroner has spoken out, calling for more discussion of suicide in the media. But will it help or hinder the cause? Jehan Casinader with more:

It’s one of the most contentious health issues in New Zealand. Now, there’s some good news about youth smoking. But why have young people’s attitudes changed? And will they stay that way? Jehan Casinader takes a look.

The PM’s chief science advisor reckons our obsession with celebrities is harming young people. Is he right?

A group of Auckland Grammar’s head prefects and their parents are under fire for hiring professional cage dancers to perform at an afterball. Most of the students say they weren’t fazed, but other parents have complained that the event was in bad taste. Meanwhile, there are reports that a new trend called ‘sexting’ has hit our shores: the number of teenagers sending dodgy pxts to their mates seems to be on the rise. For years, there have been claims that young people are becoming sexualised too early. Where do those claims come from, and what do these recent stories tell us about young people’s attitudes to sex? Jehan Casinader is a Wellington-based journalist and youth affairs commentator.

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